FACE Target

FACE Target

"This is a demonstration video released at InterBEE2019.
In this simple video, you can see what FACE Target can do."

「In this video, a professional non-linear editor who works on variety shows explains how to use FACE Target.

「Don't waste time on masking.」

FACE Target is a program that uses AI technology to detect and track human faces and automatically generate mask candidates.
It also has functions to edit masks to suit your needs, making it useful in various scenes.

Three features of FACE Target


Improve your work efficiency

With AI automatically blurring faces, you can spare a lot of time and improve the work efficiency. You can also cut the overall cost by drastically reducing man-hours.


Edit and apply effects to extracted masks

It detects human faces and generates tracking data. Based on the generated data, you can adjust the size and position of the masks and apply effects such as blurring to them.


Support system based on the actual opinions

Our program is based on the actual opinions of the video industry. It understands how customers feel and responds to the requests.

We think thoroughly about the AI that creators want

Nouvelle Age

Born from the voice of creators

Our mission is to make more time for creators to put into creative works, not to rob their jobs.
We built the program by hearing opinions directly from editors of various genres, and by using data provided by them.
Our strength lies in the support system that understands customers.

System Requirements

Software Adobe After Effects 2019 or later Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 or later

Minimum requirements Recommended specifications
Windows OS GPU : NVIDIA Pascal 1gen. or later - GPU 16GB or more CPU : 3.0GHz or higher, Multi-core
RAM : 16GB or more
Mac OS GPU : AMD Redeon™ - GPU 16GB or more CPU : 3.0GHz or higher, Multi-core
RAM : 16GB or more
*The information is as of June 24, 2020.

Price List

「FACE Target」or「REACTION Tracker」

● Single License 6 Months Plan 12 Months Plan
1 License ¥480,000




「FACE Target」+「REACTION Tracker」

● Package License 6 Months Plan 12 Months Plan
1 set License
"FACE Target




*The information is as of June 24, 2020.

− Other Licenses −

*We also offer volume licensing according to the number of the licenses. For more information, please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.