Corporate Philosophy

「Third Information Propagation System」

The word "meme (/miːm/) comes from sociology, psychology, and folklore, meaning "something like a gene that propagates cultures".
It originates from the historical fact that similar habits and cultures occur in different places at the same time, even though it's physically impossible.
Therefore the word implies that information can be passed on subconsciously like a gene.
In a sense, media can be considered memes. Our company name 3MIM indicates the existence as "Third Information Propagation System" (Letterpress being the first and TV the second).
The MIM is an acronym for Media data, Intelligence, and Management system, which intelligently manages and edits media data.

Our Business

「AI development and operation」

We develop AI for the broadcasting industry.
We design, develop, sell, and maintain software such as AI editing and AI cameras, and plan and develop automatic video editing and automation of broadcasting operations.

「AI Business Strategy」

We provide consulting services for software planning, development design, and sales, associated with automation of broadcasting operations.

Company Overview

Company Name3MIM CO., LTD.
Head Quarter 〒102-0081
5F, Yonbancho Bldg., 5-6, Yonbancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3288-4891 FAX: 03-3234-6602
PresidentTomotsugu Kuno
Executive DirectorTakahiro Ogawa
Date of establishmentSeptember 4, 2017
Capital30,000,000 JPY (as of January 2018)
Business ActivitiesAI development and sales for various industries


Message from the President

Our goal is to make AI that supports the activities of creators and improves business operations and overall quality in the video industry.
We will research what kind of AI the creators on the front lines of the video industry want, and create one that satisfy their needs.
I believe that it is our mission to advance the video industry to the future, by connecting AI with things created by human hands, rather than seeing them as different things.

Tomotsugu Kuno, President